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Listen Deeply--Save a Life

Listen Deeply--Save a Life

As we welcome in a new year during these unsettled times, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the good that’s all around us. New opportunities for love, connection, and impact abound when we keep our eyes, and our hearts, open. 

One such connection, by way of a letter from a member of our global Grok family, found its way to us not too long ago. We were so grateful, and so inspired by the story, that we wanted to bring in the new year by sharing it with everyone! In December, a military member received a GROK Game as a gift from her employer. After using the cards for the first time, she wrote the following story which was forwarded to us:

I wanted to thank you for your sweet card and GROK gift and tell you about how it has not only brought a lot of laughs and understanding to my family, but actually changed a life!

We started with the Needs deck and played a couple of rounds, prioritizing our needs. It was challenging and it was interesting to see how the 17 year-olds’ needs differed from my needs. It created a lively conversation that would never have occurred without the cards! 

Then we decided to play charades with the Feeling cards and tried to get people to guess a feeling that we acted out. ‘Delighted’ vs. ‘happy’ was quite challenging, but boy did we laugh.

Besides the fun we had, I want to let you know that playing this game possibly saved a life. Because we were communicating feelings and needs, and sharing deeply about stuff—without me being all parent-like and judgmental—the kids opened up to me about one of their friends who they thought was acting suicidal. 

I talked to them for some time and convinced them it was important that the kid's mother be informed so they called the mom. The mom called the police, who came over immediately. Their friend had in fact planned to kill himself that night! 

Because of this game, I think we made a huge difference in the lives of everyone in his family. I was able to speak with the mother, or really just listen, and I think they’re on a better path now. I am amazed at how the night turned out, and I just keep thinking what would have happened had I not had the cards! Thank you for the very thoughtful, VERY helpful, and even fun game--I am going to use it often.

Life is truly beautiful. Every action casts ripples, some of which we may never even see. We created our cards to act as a catalyst for love, connection, and a deeper understanding, but we never imagined we would hear a story like this. It just goes to show that love and goodness are everywhere around us. The love we put into our cards, the love this father showed for his daughter and her boyfriend, their love for their friend, and a mother’s love for her son all joined together to save a young life.

This new year is a blank page waiting to be written, and we have the power to make it whatever we want. So let’s make 2022 the year of love and compassion.

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