We GROK for Two — For self-guided conflict resolution


Uniquely set apart from our other products, WeGROK is a self-guided process specifically created for two people to use when making important decisions or plans, wanting to find common ground and resolution for a conflict, or just wanting to be mutually understood and seen for their intentions.

Who benefits from using the WeGROK process? Spouses, partners, friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors… anyone who values connection and mutual understanding to keep the relationship healthy and harmonious. WeGROK will navigate you through a process of setting intentions, connecting with feelings and needs, a reflective dialog process with options for breaks or pauses, brainstorming, offers, requests, and appreciations. Drawing from our 40+ years of relationship coaching, the extra value of using WeGROK is the natural integration of new skills and habits into your daily lives at home, work, and in the wider world. The box contains: 2 feelings decks (45 cards each); 2 needs/values decks (45 cards each); 7 action cards, and an instruction manual.

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GROK the World creates games and materials that promote understanding, connection, honesty, and goodwill. Our products encourage deep conversations and playful interactions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Contact us at contact@groktheworld.com with your feedback and suggestions. Grok on!

Jean and Christine