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(Not) Lost at Sea Sale

(Not) Lost at Sea Sale

Once upon a time, November of 2020, autumn waning and icy winds of winter blowing their chilly breath, we were waiting (and waiting...and waiting) for our GROK inventory to arrive from our overseas printers.

Then, we finally heard disastrous news - the ship carrying our beloved GROK products across the ocean was caught in the grips of a raging storm and many of the containers washed overboard!

Was one of the unlucky containers full of our GROKs?!

So for 7 months, we tracked the slow progression of information hoping to piece together clues and solve the mystery of the whereabouts of our products.

Had our GROK games reached new depths?

We began imagining our games washing up on shores all over the world and people in remote lands learning these skills. Our friend Emily thought perhaps pirates would find them floating and learn empathy and become the true NVC warriors of the world.

We also ordered a 2nd batch, just in case the first one was lost on the bottom of the ocean.

However, after imagining all of the twists and turns on this fabled odyssey, our GROK products did not end up being lost at sea, and made their way back home to us. Sorry pirates.

The end result is that we now find ourselves with both shipments here, over-flowing our storage area, and we want to turn this 8-month mystery situation into an opportunity for YOU!

For a limited time, through July and August,
you can order GROK the World
(our original and most popular game)
not for $29, but at a fantastically discounted price of $19!
Who would you like to gift a GROK?!

Summer is in full swing, and with many parts of the country and world returning to more activities and socializing, we hope that GROK and our other products will be supporting quality connections, healing misunderstandings, and offering engaging ways to learn and integrate communication skills and tools.

Wishing you sunny days of compassionate and authentic interactions ~

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