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Grok Parties

A GROK Party!
…is a fun and engaging way to learn and practice NVC while
connecting with others in small group setting. The format for the 4-
hour party involves playing many of the games from the GROK
instruction booklet, using 70 Feelings cards and 70 Needs/values
We start the day with the facilitator leading the full group in a series of
connecting games about Feelings and Needs/Values. Expect a range
of serious to humorous aspects of these games as participants share
their own experiences prompted by the specific game.
We have some sumptuous snacks for you during the break, and the
second half of the party is in 2-3 smaller groups playing games
inviting more connection, understanding, and deep listening (and self-
connection too).
We circle up the whole group for our closing to share highlights of the
day and what was most meaningful to remember. Each participant is
given their own new set of GROK games to take home.
Contact us if you would like to host or facilitate a GROK Party in your
part of the world.
Make a link for this to:
The subject line will be “GROK Party inquiry”.
Email address:
NVC and GROK experience:
Please let us know why you would like to offer a GROK Party:
Check if you are interested in:
• Hosting a GROK Party at your location and having a Facilitator
come lead the games?
• Facilitating a GROK Party where someone else is the Host?
• Being the Host and Facilitator for your own GROK Party?
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