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Marketing ideas

We hope you enjoy finding creative and fun ways to promote GROK products. Below are some suggestions for where to place your Affiliate Link along with your personal endorsement and product photo(s)!

Photos Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find photos you can use.

Email You can put a tag line at the end of your email. (see sample endorsements below for ideas)

Website Find a prominent location either on your home page or shop page.

Newsletter/Blog Feel free to copy any of our blogs from our website (and credit our website)

Social Media Sites (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). Add your endorsement and link when you share our weekly posts on our Facebook page.

Find Inspiration from Other Affiliate Websites

CNVC Candidates Active Learning Forum  (NVC candidates website)

CNVC Bookstore  (website)

Cindy Goes Beyond (blog & website)

Sample endorsements (embed your link where you see the underline):

GROKtheWORLD products are fun and useful tools for better communication at home or work. I love using GROK products with my friends and family for both playful and serious ways to connect. I wish everyone had these! Click here (insert your Affiliate Link) to learn more about these products. (see Marketing ideas for more info and photos)

“I love using GROK products with my friends and family and I hope you will too. GROK products support teaching empathy skills through fun and play.”

“Check out these GROK games and materials!  I use the feelings and needs cards all the time when I want to understand someone in a conflict situation. Even my mom used them with me!”

“I hope you’ll check out all the GROK games and materials through this link. We use the Big GROK card set at work in our staff meetings and they’ve been a huge help in improving our connection and overall morale.”





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