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Partner With Us!

Help us spread our products around the world and receive commissions for doing so!

We are looking for Affiliates and Collaborators/Licensees to spread our GROK
products around the world. Affiliates advertise our products on their own website with a brief description, photo, and link to our website. If your customers/clients purchase our products using your website as a portal, you receive 20% on any retail sales.

Collaborators/Licensees are international partners who want to translate, print,
market, and promote our products in their own country or region. We currently have
five Collaborators/Licensees in the following countries: Brazil, Romania, Spain, Japan, and Holland. We would love to have more!

If you have your own website that is complimentary to ours, we invite you to become a GROKtheWORLD Affiliate and receive a 20% commission on retail orders using your website as a portal to our.

Here is how it works:

  • On your website, post a few sentences explaining what you like about our products and how you use the games, books, or other materials. Include a photo of our products and a link to our website.

  • When someone visits your website and clicks on GROKtheWORLD and places an order, the information is recorded on our records that the order originated from YOU, our Affiliate.

  • Please note that the 20% offer is only on retail items when customers pay full price for products. There is no commission on wholesale items. If a customer orders wholesale and retail, you will receive a commission only on the retail items.

  • At the end of every calendar year, we payout our Affiliates their commissions.

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There are currently five Collaborators/Licensees who translate our products into their language, manufacture, market, and sell them in their own countries.
We are especially looking for Collaborators in Australia or somewhere else in Oceania; Germany, and China. If you are interested in exploring the idea of becoming a Collaborator, please write to

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