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An NVC Spin On Resolutions

An NVC Spin On Resolutions

I’ve always loved doing new year reflection rituals…

But when I began to learn NVC, I wanted to shift my orientation to them just a bit. Why?

I wanted to move away from the judgments that came up when thinking, for example, about making great money, etc.

Here’s what I do now (alone or with clients):

Start with the 3s.

  1. Three celebrations - What three accomplishments or silver linings would you like to acknowledge from 2023?
  2. Three mournings - What was disappointing or downright heartbreaking this year?  (You can go global or keep it personal.)
  3. Three learnings - Where can you see that you made some progress or turned a corner on a goal/pattern in your life?

Then make some Intentions for 2024 if you like - and follow each with a specific self-request.

For example, if you’ve been a little lonely in 2023 and want to develop more community, one self-request would be to sign up for a local Meetup.

Here are other categories. Focus on just a few or go for the whole thing, whatever feels more intuitive.

  • Friends & Community -
  • Family & Parenting -  
  • Intimacy or Sex -
  • Fun & Play -
  • Service & Contribution -
  • Money & Sustainability -
  • Career & Meaning -
  • Home/Physical Environment -
  • Health & Rest -
  • Spirituality & Personal Development -
  • Nature Connection -
  • Personal Expression & Creating -

I hope this list gives you something fresh to reflect on… and create in 2024.

Want to share the inspiration? Post an intention on social media. It often feels powerful to name your intentions out loud.

Don’t forget to tag @groktheworld (so we can see them, too)!

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