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Encouraging Our Children’s Feelings

Encouraging Our Children’s Feelings

Being a parent is one of the best ways to learn about feelings and needs, right?!! Those of your children of course; and a lot more self-knowledge about your own feelings and needs.

At GROKtheWORLD, our products, services, GROK Parties, and newsletters are all about increasing awareness and navigating all aspects of feelings (emotions, body sensations) and needs (values, hopes, motivators, wants).

For parents, emotional intelligence means being aware of your child’s feelings and being able to empathize, soothe, and guide them.

Studies in social and emotional learning have found that children who are in touch with their feelings are more self-aware, self-confident, can self-regulate, make responsible decisions, and form positive social relationships.

What more could we want for our kiddos?

A further study by The Gottman Institute on parent-child interactions tells a simple yet compelling story…Good parenting involves emotion.

Whether you’re a parent or not, in reading the article below, you might experience more understanding and empathy for yourself. In recalling your own childhood, you may mourn your parents limited emotional awareness skills.

Here is a brief description of four types of parental behaviors and the effects of these on their children.

We’re grateful for the Gottmans’ expertise, studies, and findings that bolster our own mission to support emotional health and well-being in everyone!

If you’d like to learn fun and lively ways to support your emotional intelligence and to have greater capacity to support the same in children, won’t you join us for our next GROK Party on March 10?

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