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MAY Submit Your Lesson Plans

MAY Submit Your Lesson Plans

We were so jazzed by all the feedback we got last month when we asked which classroom poster designs you liked. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!

We have a poster we love in the works. Thanks to your thoughtful suggestions, we believe the quality of the poster will be significantly improved.

And if you’re in the Education field, we have one more question for you. (Yes, we’re calling all NVC trainers, classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, paraprofessionals, admins, school counselors, school psychologists, etc…)

Want to help get GROK into more classrooms?

This email isn’t for everybody, but we hope - for those of you who work with or have your own kiddos in various school settings - to get your support on something big. We want to develop a GROK CURRICULUM for educators, and your input is needed.

Here’s what we’re looking for, specifically:

  1. Lesson Plans - we want to know what you do with the students in your classroom to teach feelings, needs, and other NVC skills (does not have to include GROK products). Complete this form to submit any lesson(s) that might be used in our NVC/SEL curriculum. If your submission is chosen, you’ll get attribution and a free copy of the finished product! If you submit more than one lesson? Get extra copies and share them with your colleagues.
  2. Curriculum Design Consultant - We have a small budget for one or two individuals who have the skills and experience to bring a basic GROK curriculum to life. Maybe you’re up for a small side gig this summer?
  3. Picture + Testimonial - If you love GROK and want to share a review for our website, REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with a simple “YES” for now and we’ll follow up. We would be pleased as punch to hear how we’re helping you make a difference.

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