Kids GROK 3rd Edition -- Teaching Children Social & Emotional Learning


Kids GROK 3rd edition differs from our 2nd edition in that each card has one feeling or need word at the top of the card for the pre-K-2nd grade children. The bottom of each card has several similar feelings or needs words for older children’s vocabulary. We have also added several new cards such as ‘silly’, ‘confident’, and ‘wonder’.

Kids GROK is designed to increase children’s social and emotional learning using 58 beautifully illustrated feelings & needs/values cards. The instruction booklet describes 22 games and activities, both playful and meaningful; most suitable for children ages 3-10. Teachers, parents, and counselors use Kids GROK to improve communication, increase empathy and honesty, and to understand, accept, and regulate their emotions.

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GROK the World creates games and materials that promote understanding, connection, honesty, and goodwill. Our products encourage deep conversations and playful interactions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Contact us at with your feedback and suggestions. Grok on!

Jean and Christine