Kids GROK Feelings & Needs Posters (e-Version)


Foster children’s self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience with these whimsical bear feelings and needs posters. 

Having these posters visible and discussing them with children supports social and emotional learning (SEL). They can more readily learn to identify their feelings and connect to the need or value underneath the emotion. 

The package includes the following four e-posters:
8.5x11 (21.59x27.94cm) feelings poster
8.5x11 (21.59x27.94cm) needs poster
2’x3’ (60.96x91.44cm) feelings poster
2’x3’ (60.96x91.44cm) needs poster

Please see our “How to GROK” page for suggestions on ways to incorporate the Feelings and Needs posters in your learning environment. 

Note: You are purchasing the electronic version of these posters which can be printed at a print shop or a school that has enlarged printing capacity. Please consider having them laminated

Specifications: Resolution: 300 dpi; For 8.5x11 RGB; for 2'x3 CMYK; Compatible with Adobe Illustrator

For the four posters, the cost for one license is $12.00. If you plan to share this product with other teachers in your school, please add the number of additional users' licenses that you need to purchase.

Message from the founders

GROK the World creates games and materials that promote understanding, connection, honesty, and goodwill. Our products encourage deep conversations and playful interactions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Contact us at with your feedback and suggestions. Grok on!

Jean and Christine