That Loving Feeling: A Couples Guide to Transform Hurt & Criticism into Kindness & Gratitude, By Rick Longinotti, MFT


In this book, presented as a fictional account of a couples communication workshop, you'll be taken through the processes and exercises meticulously crafted by Rick and Aviva Longinotti. We recommend reading it together as a couple, if possible, and then implementing some of the enriching exercises you'll discover.

Meet Sarah and Gene, a retired couple navigating a rough patch in their long relationship. Join Gina and Doris, grappling with the strain on their relationship due to different living habits. Follow Amir and Mei as they navigate recovery from infidelity, and witness Angela and Dave, a couple with young children on the verge of breaking up. Leading the class are Jessica and Carlos, juggling professional lives and family responsibilities. Throughout the book, these couples learn to shift their thinking habits, starting with self-compassion.

This book is a guide for couples seeking greater closeness, aiming to make everyday conversations more satisfying. It's for partners who want to express their needs in a way that resonates with their significant other without causing offense. Ultimately, it's a resource for couples aspiring to experience the joy of mutual acceptance and giving to one another.

A note from GROK:
Over the years, GROKtheWorld has been asked to share additional materials on our website beyond our own designs--a request we've politely declined—until now. In the past two decades, we've witnessed Rick and Aviva Longinotti skillfully guide countless couples from conflict to connection through their hands-on experiential workshops. Utilizing the tools and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication, they've helped couples rediscover themselves and renew their relationships. You will not regret purchasing this book. 

Message from the founders

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