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Welcome to the Big GROK Information Page!

Here you can view our tutorial, discover more ways to play, and even submit your own ideas of how you play Big GROK.

Ways to Play:

Ice Breaker or Group Check In
Using clothespins and a clothes line, pin the Big GROK Needs cards around the room so they are easily visible (or tape cards in a horizontal line to the walls). Choose a smaller number than the 70, so they’ll fit in the space!

Optional ways to then use the cards:

  • As a check in, invite participants to stand by a need and share why that is up for them in their lives.
  • As an ice-breaker, ask participants to choose one need they consider to be one of their most valued or important ones They can stand under the need and just say the name of the need, or also why they picked that need.
  • While playing Big GROK games in the manual, you can invite players to make empathy guesses from the cards visible on the clothes line (or wall).
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