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Book Club Empathy

Book Club Empathy

Every now and then, we are reminded of the profound impact our products have on people's lives. My GROK partner, Christine King, shared with me a story from her book club meeting that I really loved. Read it here:

As we gathered at book club, Donna (not her real name) arrived looking visibly shaken. She had just come from a family gathering and said she was upset.  

Another club member suggested, "Christine, get your cards.”

I was initially hesitant to introduce GROK in a social setting, but the group showed genuine interest so I briefly explained 'Group GROK' and off we went.

Donna shared her experience of feeling like a second-class citizen in her sister's opulent mansion. Emotions of sadness, hurt, frustration, and anger overwhelmed her.

We played the "Last Thing Said” game, unfolding her story little by little. Empathy guesses revealed core needs like "being seen," "being heard,"  "mattering and belonging”, and “self-compassion”. Witnessing the color return to Donna's face, we realized the profound impact of gaining insights into her relationship with her sister.

That night, Donna found the courage to call her sister and share her honesty. The ensuing conversation was sweet and affirming, leading Donna to realize she had been projecting discontent and devaluing herself. After this conversion, she was able to free herself from some unconscious beliefs…

Wow. Did anyone else find that remarkable, or was it just me? GROK really is special. Of course, I might be biased. :)

Nevertheless, I want to make sure you saw the liquidation sale - our remaining discounted 5th edition GROK Empathy cards are going fast while we make room for our newest edition.

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